Amazing Sunflowers

Discovering the room Girasole

hotel urbino

Sunflower is an annual plant which is widely cultivated and used in Italy. Sunflower seeds can be used to make oil or they can be roasted and used as a tasty ingredient or snack. It also has diuretic properties, and is considered a febrifuge and an antimalarial. But, more importantly, the name “Sunflower” always evokes intimate and heart-warming memories … A breathtaking sunset at the end of a warm summer day, over an endless yellow field. What a nostalgic mood…

hotel urbinoAt Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, the “Girasole” (Sunflower in Italian) is one of our guests’ most loved rooms: its position (in the central building) places it on the highest point of the Resort, from which it is possible to admire the amazing view of Montefeltro and all its wonders . Painted in warm colours, it is the perfect solution for spending some time away from home without losing that magic of feeling at home. This room is ideal for couples of all ages and especially for Country Chic lovers: simple and functional furniture and details that harmoniously reflects the traditional rustic style, such as the beautiful detail of the exposed beams.

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