Which came first, battery or petrol cars?

ricarica elettrica auto Urbino

ricarica auto elettrica urbinoThe electric battery car was one of the first models to be designed and marketed. It all started in the first half of the nineteenth century, when we were spectators of a technological evolution that would go a long way into the twentieth century and beyond … From Robert Anderson’s carriage (circa 1839) to the first car prototype by Thomas Parker (1884). For a certain period, electric car sales were higher than those of fuel cars, because they were more reliable and comfortable: the only drawbacks were low speed (their maximum speed was 32 km/h) and the driving range (about 80 km ), which made them perfect for the city but quite useless for long trips (Baker Electric). Meanwhile, petrol vehicles improved their performance and comfort, relegating electric cars to niche sales.

It was between the late 20th century and the early 21st century that major car manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota and Chevrolet started to focus on innovation and development to increase the driving range and speed of electric cars, anticipating the destiny of electric cars as the vehicles of the future.

ricarica auto elettrica urbinoIn 2008 the two-seater Tesla was born, with 400 km of driving range, 251 HP and lithium battery.
It costs like a luxury car, with the peculiarity of being silent, powerful, and with zero impact.

At Tenuta Santi Giacomo and Filippo we have always been proudly supporting the use of electric cars: our guests can conveniently recharge their cars in the resort parking lot, where they will find charging columns.