Fano Carnival

Enjoy the capital of Italian's carnival


On the Sundays of January 28, February 4 and 11, Fano dresses up in thousands of colours! The Carnival is here! One of the oldest carnivals in Italy (active since 1347), it is a huge attraction for old and young coming from all over the country… Its main feature is the parade of allegorical floats, the majority of which represent political satirical themes The material used is prevalently papier-mache, easily moulded into shapes around iron mesh skeletons and then brightly coloured.

PupoThe floats parade around the city 3 times, and traditionally during the second time the float occupants throw sweets of all kinds to the crowd. Every float carries a ton of chocolates, mostly sponsored by Perugina. Often, international level entertainers animate the party, and this year the event will be broadcast live on Radio RTL 102.5 – fun is guaranteed! The event starts every Sunday morning with exhibitions and rides for children at the Pincio park in Fano, to then expand along Viale Gramsci to the City centre. Along the way, you can taste the typical carnival pastries such as the Castagnole and sip mulled wine.

And Fano is only 1 hour drive from Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo!