Herbal Teas

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In ancient Greek, TISANA (herbal tea in Italian) meant “to grind barley”. Today, however, this word can be used for all the infusions of one or more herbs that have healthy effects on our body. Their diffusion is mostly due to their many powers: they can soothe (if not cure) a number of physical problems. It is therefore good to know how to use them to help healing in a completely natural way.

tisana hotel urbinoHere are some examples of infusions (which are just what we do with tea bags or chamomile) that can be found in every supermarket or in herbal medicine shops:

    To free your body from waste and harmful substances, detoxifying teas are the best. Among the most used ingredients we find wild rose berries, dandelion, nettle and fennel seeds.
  • DREN
    Do you feel swelling in your legs or in the abdominal area? A draining herbal tea is what you need. It can be very useful also for those who remain standing for long hours because of their job or those suffering from water retention, because it has a diuretic action. The most popular ingredients are green tea, dandelion, ivy, artichoke and mallow.
    Is your dinner sitting in your stomach? Take a digestive tea before going to sleep. The best known are fennel, rooibos and lemon with ginger.
  • RELAXtisana hotel urbino
    Have you had a busy day and now you do need to relax? Or maybe you have too many thoughts and need to silence your mind? A relaxing herbal tea helps calm the soul and fights insomnia. Chamomile, lemon balm and birch are the most used ingredients.
    If you feel off and still have a lot of work to do, or why not before a bit of healthy sport, take an energizing herbal tea. The properties of wild rose, peppermint, liquorice and ginseng will give you more vitality than a coffee and they are caffeine free.