Influencer… Travelling can be trendy too!

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The word “influencer” has become part of our daily language, but who are these exactly and what do they do? Influencers are users of the most common social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…) who are followed by thousands (or even millions) of followers: influencers are constantly posting and sharing information and contents and they can reach people on a daily basis through their photos, videos and stories.  By portraying every moment of their lives, they show firsthand what they do and consume, eventually promoting it and creating a trend.

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni is one of the most famous influencers on the scene, and she is one of the first to have embarked on this career. But what they advertise is not limited to make-up or fashion products: they also dedicate a lot of attention to tourism, accommodation facilities and restaurants.  They are more specifically called “Travel Bloggers”: with their suitcase and smartphone always in their hands, they tell their travel experiences around the world, be it in the most famous art cities or in the smallest B & B in Thailand.
InfluencerThe emotion they evoke is that of a strong desire to escape, the dream behind the screen, which often gives us the right inspiration for our next adventure! Who would not want to be a professional influencer?

Search for the hashtags #urbinoresort or #tenutasantigiacomoefilippo to view the experiences of our guests!