Properties and characteristics of this fruit

Suite hotel urbino

hotel urbinoHave you ever heard of gooseberries? It is similar to currants, but its berries are larger. It is easily available online, where you will find that Germany is the largest producer and that the fruit is perfect for jams and preserves. Its shrub can be from 0.6 to 2 meters high and its fruits are harvested in summer, although this is a perennial plant. Its unmistakable sweetish taste is the characteristic that best represents it, together with its diuretic properties.
Suite hotel urbino


At Tenuta Santi Giacomo and Filippo we took inspiration from gooseberries, “uva spina” in Italian, to name one of the most beautiful apartments of our resort: very large, measuring 52 square meters, furnished in perfect rustic-traditional minimalist style, this apartment is ideal for a family of three people or for a romantic getaway for two. It boasts two main strengths: on sunny days in spring and summer you can sunbathe or read a newspaper on the deckchairs in the private terrace; on colder days you can enjoy the cosy warmth of the fireplace in the living room. Its location is also very convenient, because it is close to the resort outdoor pool and to the main reception building.

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