Pizza Gourmet - Urbino dei Laghi

Gourmet Pizza

At our restaurant, Urbino dei Laghi, you can experience a perfect, traditional-style pizza or you can sample our chef’s innovative approach to pizza-making. Delightful new taste sensations emerge from our wood-fired oven, the toppings inspired by the traditional cuisine of the Marche and Romagna. While our gourmet pizzas can be served whole, our Tasting Menu (Menu Degustazione, in Italian) is designed for those who can’t decide, or who just enjoy trying a number of different alternatives.

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The pizza base is prepared by our chef using a 65-year-old sourdough starter (lievito madre, in Italian) that he has dubbed“Eleonor”, and which is added to the organic stone-ground flour from our own Organic Farm. All the toppings are based on seasonal products, and of the highest quality. In addition to the traditional, Mediterranean options, guests can choose from our selection of regional specialties, created by our own chef. These include a pizza called Ricordo di un Passatello, which is based on the traditional pasta shape of the Marche region, which is usually served in a clear broth (passatelli in brodo). Translated into a pizza topping, the ingredients are Fior di latte (a semi-soft, fresh cheese made in the style of mozzarella), Parmigiano reggiano seasoned for 24 months, nutmeg, lemon juice, rucola, and porcini mushrooms.


Gourmet pizzas and leavened products, baked in a traditional wood oven

Our seasonal pizzas