When the season changes, you probably feel your muscles are weaker and your head is heavier. We have a solution for that.

massaggio spa resort urbino

The winter has not started yet, but for many of us season sicknesses have! The cold makes us lazy and sedentary and above all it can negatively affect our bones and muscles.

_-21To soothe this physical uneasiness, caused by rheumatism and arthritis, try the magic touch of Thai massage: Its name in Thai language actually means “A touch that heals”. It is a special massage done on a mat on the floor, without the use of oils. Breathing and heartbeat are the essential elements for a successful massage, as the main goal is not just to stretch your muscles but to relax your mind and infuse a profound vital energy.

This is obtained through the operator’s movements: using her hands, forearms and knees, she pushes your body to reach its limit.

At “Tenuta Santi Giacomo and Filippo” you can try this special massage technique with treatments lasting 50 or 75 minutes.  Keep an eye on our offers and don’t let the winter season catch you unprepared!