4 reasons

Are you choosing the best possible destination for your summer vacation?  Still figuring out which destination you should book for the summer?

In this article we give you 4 good reasons NOT to come and visit us!

Because we’re honest … you can’t please everyone.

Here are 4 reasons for not choosing the “Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo” Estate


merenda in tenuta1) If you do not love NATURE: 360 hectares of organic farm, in a protected wildlife oasis called “La Badia”.

Thousands of different types of flowers and trees, many protected species of birds and, of course, some small insects too.


tenuta-santi-giacomo-filippo-maneggio2) If you do not love SILENCE: At the Estate you can try a number of activities (hotel, spa, restaurant, wine cellar …) but the abundant spaces will also give you privacy, and so much relaxation. We are 10 km from the centre of Urbino, so the only sounds that you will hear at night are those of the breeze and night birds. The estate is in the countryside between the Marche and Romagna regions, and lighting is low to respect the environment.


lago3) If you do not love the “SCATTERED HOTEL” style: Urbino Resort is not the classic vertically-built hotel: it develops horizontally. Built in an ancient village from the 18th century, completely renovated, the buildings where we created our rooms and the other facilities are scattered in what once was a typical village. Here, you walk from one area to the other, there are no corridors but tiny streets, there are no elevators or stairs but quiet paths.

nontiscordardime_4) If you do not love EXPERIMENTING: Our rooms are all different from one another and unique; it is quite sure that if you come more than once you will not stay in the same room! All details are the result of a painstaking philological recovery: this is why the rooms are not soundproof and maintain the layout of the original structures. Here, guests are brought to respect the whole place. Our restaurant is also an experiment: 800 meters from the hotel, it offers dishes with seasonal organic ingredients from our land, revisited in a Gourmet approach to please sophisticated and hungry palates with new flavours and combinations.