Dedicated to you: 5 Resolutions for the New Year

- And with the new year, a new start to our life! -


Another year is about to end, and with the arrival of 2019 we look back at the days we spent writing our list of good resolutions.

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At the “Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo” estate we truly care for our guests, so these are the tips we dedicate to everyone for a happy and relaxing new year!

– Organic and “0 km” products: When one can choose, quality and origin of what you buy should be the priority!

– Think about waste: Be it saving electricity and water or sorting and recycling your, it is now a must to help our world fight pollution.

–  We are what we eat: A balanced diet, especially after a holiday, is the best you can do for your good health … It improves your sleep, concentration and digestion.

ristorante urbino Need to relax: Think about who or what is making you feel stressed.

Throw away the burdens that are keeping you down, and regain control of yourself … Yoga, deep breathing, a hot bath (why not in a spa!), a walk in the park … Grab your time!

– Travel: The best way to unplug and find your inner self is … TRAVELLING! Learn about new places to learn more about yourself. Taste local dishes, contemplate landmarks and works of art, relax by a pool … Choose the holiday that suits you most!