April 25 is the opportunity to celebrate Italy’s Liberation’s Day and also to rediscover the places of the “Resistenza”.

25 aprile

The April 25 Italian national holiday is just a few days away. Italy celebrates the anniversary of the Liberation from the Nazi occupation and the Fascist regime. Why not celebrate this anniversary by visiting the places where the Resistance and the fights took place, starting from the most unusual ones? The Partisans’ trails, for instance.
Many are the routes travelled by the local Partisans, along the Gothic Line, which ran across the lands of the Montefeltro area.
We suggest that you visit and walk along the most famous of these trails, the “Sentiero Beato Lando”, near Urbino.   It coincides with an ancient road that ran from Gubbio to Rimini, an alternative shortcut compared to the Via Flaminia, that led to the town of Fano.
linea goticaToday it is a tourist itinerary which is the result of our desire to rediscover the history and the unique natural beauty of the Montefeltro area. Accompanied by a guide, you will walk along a route that winds through the towns of Lunano, Piandimeleto, and Pietrarubbia. Opened in 2008, this tourist trail is almost flat and covers a length of approximately 9 km. No specific training or equipment are needed. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy nature and the landscape and find out more about the local history by reading the many explanatory signs available along the way.
Along the way you will see some dramatic landmarks such as Il dito del diavolo (the Devil’s finger), a conglomerate Messinian geosite and a breathtaking natural monument formed between 5 and 7 million years ago.

We wish you a great walk through history and nature in our beautiful region, the Montefeltro!