Ristorante - Urbino dei Laghi

Cooking Courses

Our chefs will lead you on a voyage of discovery, revealing the secrets of the local cuisine of the Marche and Romagna regions. You will be shown how to identify the very best and freshest ingredients, using as examples the organic produce from our own Farm, or from nearby producers, which you will then go on to use to prepare a number of delicious dishes.

Our cooking courses provide a unique opportunity to understand and experience, hands-on, what we mean when we talk about creating food and wine that speaks to its terroir, that is keyed on the principle of sustainability, but is always executed with a keen eye on producing the most delightful dishes possible.

At the end of the session, you will have the chance to compare and discuss the dishes you have prepared with the chefs, when you will also be able to taste what you and your fellow students have cooked.

10 persons minimum – on request


Private lesson 
1 hour/€ 50,00
2 hours/€ 75,00

Group lesson (2-5 students)
1 hour/€ 40,00
2 hours/€ 65,00

One-on-one lessons for group (6-10 students)
1 hour/€ 30,00
2 hours/€ 55,00

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