Honey is a highly nutritious and easily digested product and was surely the world’s first “food supplement”. A ready source of energy, honey is an ideal complement at breakfast, as a special vacation treat but also every day at home, while that produced in the Marche region of central Italy is undoubtedly among the best there is.

Wildflower Honey 

As the Italian name implies, this honey is derived from flowers (fiori), even if the one thousand (mille) figure is probably meant figuratively, not literally. Recommended for children, sportspeople, pregnant women and seniors, wildflower honey can also be helpful to those in stressful jobs. This honey is a kindly companion during the flu season, its decongestant qualities providing solace for coughs and chest infections.

Acacia Honey

A very popular choice, this honey has a delicate aroma and has a longer shelf-life than many other kinds. High in fructose and lacking a dominant flavor, acacia honey is a perfect sweetener in place of white sugar in hot drinks, yogurt, or with fruit, and is also a great favorite with children.

Forest Honey

Also called honeydew honey, this product is of a darker, amber, color that most, with traces of red and brown. Forest honey makes a perfect pair with fresh cheese, such as ricotta. Containing a higher level of mineral salts than the more traditional types of honey, it is the favorite of many sportspeople, and is also thought to be useful in combatting stress.