Organic Products

Here at the Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, the drive for organic goes beyond certification. For us, organic is a way of life. Our commitment to our past also includes looking to the future: the choices that we make today are designed to foster an approach to food production that provides a livelihood, respects animal rights, and the planet’s biodiversity, while helping to protect the health of our guests and their children, at the same time allowing them to eat well, and enjoy their food.


Il Biologico come scelta di vita, per la Vita

It is through love, through listening to nature, and showing respect for time that we ensure that our products are the best they can be. We must continue to teach our children that health, wellbeing, and a new, better life  derive from an honest relationship with the world we live in.” This quotation summarizes our beliefs, the philosophy that guides us, and that finds expression in our products. Our Organic Farm produces wine, honey, and olive oil. Not only can you sample these in the snacks available at our bar, or in our restaurant, Urbino dei Laghi, but you can also buy them from our Farm Shop.