I cavalli - Tenuta SS Giacomo Filippo - Urbino

Urbino Horses

The reference point for equestrian tourism in the Marche region of central Italy

The fruit of a great passion on the part of the founders of the Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, the Urbino Horses riding stables is, and remains, one-of-a-kind on the Marche equestrian tourism scene.

Having acquired a premier reputation in just a few years, the Urbino Horses riding stables is an accredited center for Olympics equestrian sports in the Marche region. Facilities include a crosscountry course that follows the line of the river Foglia for two km (one mile) through groves of centuries-old oak trees, with two sand rings, one for showjumping, the other for dressage.

On the non-competitive front, guests at the Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo can choose to stay in one of the rooms and suites in the beautifully-restored houses known as Le Scuderie, or The Stables. This is where those who are having an own-horse holiday usually stay, of course.

Available for guests are six horses that have been selected for their quiet and easy-going temperament and versatility. Consequently, they are suitable for absolute beginners, as well as for more experienced riders.

Urbino Horses has a particular expertise in training horses for eventing (known in Italian as concorso completo).  The school can also organize courses with leading riders, as well as riding holidays for children. Call, or write to us to find out what ‘s on the program.

Maneggio - Tenuta SS Giacomo Filippo - Urbino


A riding school in the heart of the Italian countryside.


Club Horse - Tenuta SS Giacomo Filippo - Urbino

The Club House

A perfect venue for both professionals and amateurs.