Special yoga courses at Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo

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The benefits of a constant yoga practice are now evident and scientifically demonstrated: it gives general improvement in breathing and circulation, it gives a better quality of sleep and helps to solve postural problems.
Our intent today is not only to remind you of these undisputed and fundamental benefits. We would like to draw your attention to an aspect of the yoga discipline which is probably a little overlooked and forgotten: the rediscovery of our true nature and therefore the tight connection that exists between yoga and Nature.
This deep bond between yoga and Nature is part of this discipline,  because breathing and meditation have a much deeper impact if practised in green areas!
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How many hours do we spend in our offices? Don’t we all feel we would like to spend some time in the open air? It is due time that we take care of ourselves, to regenerate our connection with nature and with our body, enjoying the embracing breeze that whispers through the leaves and the chirping of birds. Let’s relax our minds and get rid of our daily burdens, surrounded by the silence of unspoilt landscapes.
The Tenuta Santi Giacomo and Filippo estate, with the 360 hectares of the “la Badia” animal sanctuary, offers innovative yoga classes in the midst of a breathtaking scenario.

All you need is just a little time … our complimentary mat is waiting for you!

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