The Incrocio Bruni 54

A Marche vine to conquer the world!

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vino biologicoThe Incrocio Bruni 54, the the type of grape with which ours BellAntonio wine is made, takes its name from prof. Bruno Bruni, “marchigiano” ampelographer who worked to catalog and describe many Italian vines.

The Incrocio Bruni 54 was almost certainly created in 1936: Prof. B. Bruni asked himself, “What is Verdicchio lacking?” -“it misses the most elegant floral perfumes and greater refinement” was the answer. And then he decided to cross Verdicchio and Sauvignon through pollination.

53 times he tried to complete the job .. but only at the 54th attempt he succeeded in the masterpiece. And hence the name!

incrocio bruniOur BellAntonio honors the father of this grape variety, with prizes and awards that give prestige to a territory, the Marche Region, which has a rich and enviable wine heritage.

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