The “Palio dei Trampoli” at Schieti of Urbino

discover one of the most evocative events of the Montefeltro area

Palio dei trampoli

trampoliThis time we want to suggest you a truly unique gem: can you remember those wooden poles, about six feet long, that you put under your feet to stand high? That’s it! At Schieti di Urbino we celebrate the “PALIO DI TRAMPOLI” (The stilts race)! Since the village is surrounded by the Foglia River, the story goes that passers-by who were looking for refreshment and farmers from across the river used to cross the river wearing stilts. During droughts, the unused stilts were used by the young for games and competitions… Today the town of Schieti brings back to life some genuine memories and traditions that are almost forgotten. The program covers three days, and is cheered by exhibitions and food stands offering the delicious typical products of the Montefeltro … From the “crescia” of Urbino to the handmade pasta dishes.

Schieti di Urbino is just a few km from Urbino Resort!