The traditional festivals of Ferragosto in the Montefeltro

In August, the Montefeltro is the destination for the best events and festivals!

ferragosto 2019 Urbino

Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo is close to everything!

Many are the festivals of all kinds organized on our territory to revive the traditions, culture and history of villages and small towns. Here are some ideas for your holiday in August!

Rossini pesaroROF (Rossini Opera Festival) | Pesaro 11 – 23 August: In various locations in the city of Pesaro, you can listen the most famous aria opera by Rossini. At its 39th edition, the festival of the Opera and of the Pesaro composer Rossini, attracts music lovers from all over the world to the city.

urbino festa ducaFEAST OF THE DUKE | Urbino 12 – 13 August: For three consecutive days the Historic Center of the Renaissance Urbino will be the stage for the re-enactment of the history of the Duchy. Art shows, fashion shows, interactive games and traditional food!

PALIO DE LO DAINO | Mondaino 15 – 18 August: The districts of the small village of Mondaino challenge each other in exciting and engaging medieval games (such as the geese race and the crossbow race). A large part is left to the evocation of ancient crafts such as the art of embroidery, painting and fresco.

The Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo is located about 20 minutes from both Urbino and Pesaro and Mondaino!

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