Traditional Montefeltro Carnival

let's get the party started


carnevale urbinoEach and every Italian town has its special Carnival traditions: food, masquerade, costumes and floats… And jokes for all! The Montefeltro area celebrates its old traditions, handed down over the centuries to new generations. Among them, the funny lines of a nursery rhyme in the local dialect, “Ciccol, Ciccol”, which kids would sing while knocking doors holding their baskets and asking for

candies or chocolates, just like Halloween “Treat or Treat”!


Ciccol ciccol mascherina

s’en-c’è l’ov c’è la galina.

El maial l’avet masat

su pel mur l’avet tacat.

Se me chiappa la fantasia

sensa ciccol en vagg via

carnevale urbinoAnother important tradition is that of “Castagnole”: sweet deep fried doughnuts, filled with custard or fresh cheese. They are made with simple ingredients and are quite an easy and quick recipe: the castagnole are served warm, sprinkled with sugar, honey or alchermes.  Another unmissable sweet recipe prepared during Carnival is the “Cresciole”, also known as “Frappe” or “Chiacchiere”: thin deep fried pastries, cut in stripes or round shapes, which form bubbles when they are fried.

Catch the opportunity while staying in the Montefeltro area and try our Carnival sweets, to discover the local ancient traditions.