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Pizza gourmet Urbino

Pizza UrbinoFinding the “Pizza Gourmet” in restaurants has now become very common, but there are very few that really offer the breal thing. With “Gourmet” we don’t mean just a leavened pizza with real tomato on top … That is the least it should have! With PIZZA GOURMET we mean a sophisticated and well-studied dish, proposed by true chefs and master pizza makers, where taste and tradition meet in creative combinations: new flavours to share around the table, tasting the typical pizza wedges.

Pizza UrbinoAt the “Urbino dei Laghi” restaurant you can find the real Pizza Gourmet. Kneaded with “Type 1 Forte”, Spelt and Hemp flour, it is light in the stomach and innovative to the palate. The raw materials used to make it are mostly produced at the Estate (oil, herbs, vegetables and eggs are all ORGANIC) or by small local businesses, such as the Acqualagna Truffle and cheeses from a 0-km farm. The recipes are inspired by the Montefeltro area and by the Estate products, to offer a striking sensory experience which will remain with you after your visit to these stunning territory.

How about tasting our Gourmet Pizza?

Our Urbino dei Laghi Restaurant is open every day for dinner (closed on Tuesdays).