Valentine’s Day: Sassocorvaro and Montefeltro

Discover the lando of love


Dear lovers, like last year we’d like to invite you to a romantic destination! If you love culture, good food, and above all breathtaking natural landscapes… … then Montefeltro is your place! Within a radius of about 50 kms you can find many hamlets and villages that truly deserve a visit: first of all Sassocorvaro, where Valentine’s day is one of the most important festivities (a relic of St. Valentine is kept in a local church) and the village welcomes visitors with many exhibitions and events; there are many attractive restaurants where you can dine and organic farms to visit.

san marinoThe next recommended place is San Leo, officially listed as one of the top 10 beautiful hamlets in Italy. Perched at the top of a rock 589 metres above sea level , every year the Fortress of San Leo attracts many tourists from all over the world… For a breathtaking sunset. Next is San Marino, a more touristy location than the previous one yet equally charming. We highly recommend the romantic walk along the walls, to enjoy a more complete visit of the city besides its commercial attractions. And there are so many more villages worth a visit! Come to explore Montefeltro, a yet undiscovered romantic destination!