Waiting for Springtime…

... at the SPA

spa autumn urbino

Spring brings back life …

Massaggio thai UrbinoIt is the rebirth of nature and all creatures, when the sun warms us up again! We feel like going out again, to be outdoors and let the new life regenerate us. The best way to take care of ourselves in this period is by dedicating some time to our wellness and relaxation. The Spa of the Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo estate offers a wide range of massages and personalised treatments to help you get ready for the new season. If you have not yet tried it yet, foot reflexology is one of our most appreciated treatments: our professional reflexologist will do a very special type of massage which, through the stimulation and compression of specific points of the foot plant, helps to restore the body’s balance.

spaFollowing a very precise mapping, each point of our foot “reflects” an organ of our body, that can be stabilised and detoxified. Reflexology is also an important way to fight anxiety and insomnia. Plunge in the pool after the massage to experience a most pleasant and relaxing sensation!

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