The Church

The abbey church dates from 1300, and is dedicated to the saints Giacomo e Filippo (James and Philip), from which the estate takes its name. This history-filled location set in the verdant splendor of the Marche countryside is the ideal choice as a destination wedding location. The name of the church is said to be taken from Folcornio (alternative spelling: Fulcoino), wealthy landowners of the end of the tenth century, whose holdings extended widely in the area around Urbino. Documents show that, at the end of the 1200s, the small church was important enough to be paying taxes to the Papal state. As the area around Urbino gained in importance, so did the church. In the sixteenth century, the parish priest was a member of the Urbino-based noble Galli family, who took it over in 1558, and through whose good office the church was granted the status of Abbey in 1633.


Holy Mass is still held every Sunday in the Badia, an alternative name for abbey in Italian, confirming once again the close links that exist between the Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo and the local area.

This magical jewel of a tiny centuries-old church lends itself to the intimate nature of a wedding celebration, while the full array of facilities offered by the Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, just a short walk away, complete the picture. Our wedding planner is standing by to handle all the details.


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