Shiatsu is a massage technique of Japanese origin based on pressures applied with the thumbs, fingers and palms of the hands.

The pressures go deep without slipping over the skin and produce a stimulus to which the person treated “responds” by recovering and manifesting his or her vital resources.

Duration 45 minutes
€70 – Reservation Needed

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Plantar Reflexology

Plantar reflexology restores the energy balance of the body, it goes to stimulate and compress specific points of the foot that are “reflex” that is, connected from the point vi sita of energy with the various organs and apparatuses.

Massage also has a preventive function for all kinds of imbalances in the body.

We recommend the enjoyment of reflexology in our outdoor cabin surrounded by nature.

Duration 25 Minutes
€40 – Reservation Needed

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Tandava – Yoga

A very ancient yoga practice that relates meditative sitting to movement.

A free, extremely slow dance, where slowly the movement gets rid of all muscular tension and intentionality; regaining its original spatial freedom, from which all Tantric research is founded.

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Osho Meditation – Heart Chakra Meditation

Also called Sacred Dance of the Heart.

Through harmonious gestures followed by conscious breathing they help release tension , bringing the heart’s energy back to its serenity.

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Meridian Stretching

These are self shiatsu exercises devised by master Shi Zuto Masunaga.

The purpose is to normalize energy flow, tone muscle tissue and eliminate toxins.

Accompanying the exercises will be moments of meditation focused on the individual organ.

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Tibetan Bell

The vibration emitted by the sound penetrates deep into feelings and emotions through theta brain waves, leading to a state of deep meditation, peace and total well-being by restoring the individual’s psycho-physical balance.

The sound is accompanied by guided muscle meditation to help divert thoughts to accompany total relaxation.

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Discovering the 5 senses

Stems from the desire for the discovery of the five senses: tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory, and gustatory; with the aim of improving perceptual skills and the expression of sensations and emotions.

It also helps to relate and become one with the surrounding space

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The Eight Pieces of Brocade

Baduanjin exercises belong to the branch of Qi Gong exercises named Daoyin, Dao from “Leading” and Yin from “Extending.”

While performing the exercises, the focus should be on breathing that helps energy flow from the inside to the outside, also working on the psycho-somatic aspect.

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