What to do in the Italian regions of “le Marche” and “Romagna” during the holidays

A territory with a true love for Christmas


Thank God it’s Christmas! The nicest time of the year has arrived … We all feel happy and more relaxed, greedy to spend as much time as possible with our families and friends. But … What can we do on a Sunday afternoon?

mercati marche nataletorre_pesaroThe usual downtown walk? This year, make a different plan! The Marche and Romagna regions offer entertainment and events for all ages! Here are two suggestions for some not-to-be-missed attractions!

1) The Panoramic Tower in Pesaro: Just next to the famous sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro which the locals call “La Palla” (the Ball) you can find the brand new metal construction that will allow you to admire Pesaro from above; 75 meters of slow ascent and 58 people at a time, to see the city and the sea from another, priceless, perspective. Phone in hand and there, take the panoramic selfie!

2) Santa Claus Village in Cattolica: The city of Cattolica is the “Ice Queen”! In the very centre of this famous seaside town, you will find an immense Christmas-style village; in the main square, Piazza della Repubblica, a large tent has been set up to host concerts, games and entertainment … Enjoy the wide food area and have fun shopping at the market stalls!