Wine and beauty

Grapes and must to fight skin ageing

vino e bellezza

“A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away”.

You have probably heard this before. In fact, we all know that wine has antioxidant properties, but there’s more than that. Wine can be used in a number of different ways!
Here are some very easy treatments for you to try at home :

– Anti-aging facial mask: regenerating and smoothing:


2 teaspoons of plain yogurt
2 teaspoons of red wine
2 teaspoons of honey

Apply for 15 minutes, then rinse


– Anti-cellulite: grapes stimulates the production of collagen, reactivates circulation and tonifies your skin

What you need:
Red wine, as much as you need

Apply directly on legs


– Scrub: to revitalise and make your skin as smooth as velvet

Preparation :

3 tablespoons of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of honey
3 tablespoons of red wine
6 drops of essential oils (we recommend lemon or juniper)

Mix and apply on damp skin for a few minutes with circular movements